Thank you to all who came out on June 3rd for our 5K, 1 mile, kids races, and festival to support STOMP the Monster. We had over 1,200 runners, walkers, crawlers, and supporters. We could not have done it all without our amazing sponsors, volunteers, and participants of all ages! This event brought together many people from all walks of life. Together between the fundraisers and donations we raised over $70,000. The money raised will go right back to so many families in the community who can use the financial assistance during a loved one’s battle with cancer. Thank you so much to our fundraisers, fundraising teams, and all the donations made on behalf of the participants and sponsors. 

Special Volunteer thank you’s to:
The water stop crew on the 5K course – the Brofsky family and the Colts Neck ROTC
The Jurcsek family

The Fasano family
The Simpson family
The Kuscan/Lubkin/Sawin/Cabbell Registration Team
The Sachetti family and friends
The Freeman/Magliozzi team leading ourFood Tent
The Course Marshals
Marlboro TAC
Marlboro Police Department & Explorers
Marlboro First Aid Squad
Results of the 5K can be found here:
The results finish line video can be seen here:
Our festival could not have been as amazing as it was without all our very supportive sponsors.  Please check out and take advantage of their coupons or offers below (just click on the logos) and don’t forget to mention you are part of the STOMP the Monster family.
In addition to the many mothers, fathers, children, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who were honored and remembered by our walkers and runners, below are the cancer survivors, victims and current fighters that were in our hearts as we walked and ran in support of Stomp the Monster.
Abbie Rosenthal
Aimee Weber
Alan Siegel
Allan Kornblum
Allen Jessurun
Ani Jamgotchian
Anne Dupuis
Anthony Spero
Aunt Eileen
Barbara Block
Beryl Kaplan
Brian Ruditsky
Brody and Rita
Campbell Hoyt
Carol Weiss
Carole Thomson
Cathy Carrabis
Crystal Clee
Artise Little
Cuong Chi Du
Dad and Brody
Danny Kudelka
Art Krupp
Debbie Linkhart
Diane Noren
Dianne Craig
Dominque DiPiero
Ginny Furphy
Donald Hagel
Stef Brennan
Helen Fay
Donna Siciliano
Dottie Lanana
Eileen Warmbold
Ella Chodkiewicz
Erin Goldfeder
Estelle Wolff
Faina Blinder
Fiorello Cicero
Florence McGuinness
Fran Esposto
Francine Brake
Gary Baldes
Gary Cenicola
Georgia Reilley
Gerald Epstein
Gloria Chamberlain
Grace Eng
Grace West
Grandma Ray
Grandma Sue
Grandma Beryl
Grandpa Alan Siegel
Grandpa Bob
Grandpa Nick
Helen Wahba
MaryEllen Kessler
Aunt Ann
Juli Mandel Sloves
Sheila Mandel
Sophie Dreyer
Michael O’Regan
Janet and Bill Speirs
Lisa Dittmer
Sean O’Connor
Estelle Rosenthal
Paul MurphyJacki
James “Poppy” Sanders
Janet Holmes
Donna Scarabaggio
Janet Pont
Hannah Weiss
Jason Kilderry
Jay Hart
Jean Bove
Jerry Cordova
Joe DiBernardo
John Brooks
John Dwyer
John Green
Joseph Hartmann
Mildred Wright
Joseph Weinberger
Juliette Streett
Karen Smith
Alyssa Raimondi
Kathi Crnicki
Kathi Drag
Kathleen and Ella Chodkiewicz
Kathleen Cain
Kathleen Lynch
Kathy Patterson
Joan Mitchell
Madge Salitsky
Kathy Pizzo
Katie Ferraris
Kim Rhame
Mallory Chandler
Kayla Moncayo
Keith Sisco
Louis Bevilacqua
Louise Stover
Louise Winston
Lynn Anastasia
Mabel Chan
Maddy Kaplan
Marge Avaltroni
John Roberts
Maria Risin
Marietta Mancuso
Marilyn Tuzzo
Marjorie McLean
Mark “The Shark” Levine
Marsha Gladstein
Maureen Keating
Gil Gervais
Michael Gross
Michael Gurneak
Anthony Manzi
Michele Friedman
Mike Eydelman
Monica Carrico
Fran Esposto
Abbie Rosenthal
Jerry Harrison
Louise Stover
Mrs. Ferro
Seth Grumet
Connie Reilly
Surinder Kaur
Myrna and Ray Eiben
Ruth Grafft
Michael Grossman
Nick Kosciowiat
Nick Marasigan
Concepcion Llave
Max Godoy
Nina Yaroshinskiy
Pat and Jan Mennella
Pat Kennedy
Patricia Augustowicz
Pauline Papapietro
Pearl & Barney Kalman
Phyliss Cafiero
Phyllis Fecci
Renae Kaplan
Rich Zinn
Robert Marciniak
Arlene Albano
Art Hammell
Jerry Geiling
Ruben Davidson
Ruth Howard
Sally Prann
Sam Gibbs
Santina Miele
Sarah Derado
Sean O’Connor
Shalva Yakoby
Shari Marissa Nobile
Shirley Lubin
Sol Eckhaus
Sol Shepper
Sonia Chacho
Allison Gelardi
Soprana Coppola
Sridhara Bindiganavile
Steven Gallagher
Steven Kaminer
Steven Scheer
Steven Vargo
Susan Gang
Susan Thomas
Thomas Tell
Tim Reilly
Patricia Sweeney
Tommy Irving
Tony Spero
Uncle Bob Sekora
Uncle Nick
Walter J. Donnelly
Walter Serafin
William P Kluge…and so many others we keep in our hearts, prayers and thoughts

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