Here are just a few of the STOMPS! where STOMP the Monster™ has provided assistance to cancer patients when they need it the most. More STOMPS! are happening every day!!

One of the first cases to come to STOMP The Monster’s™ attention was Gloria, a mother and grandmother, diagnosed with breast cancer. Each individual and their family are affected by cancer in a unique way. For Gloria, it was the financial stress of household utilities and daily living costs. STM was able to help immediately with a delivery of food. This was followed shortly by money to assist with the electric bill, cost of gas, and additional groceries.

STOMP the Monster™ joined forces with the East Dover Volunteer Fire Dept. to make Christmas a little brighter for Jackie and her family, who are fighting a battle with cancer. Jackie was balancing the demands of cancer treatments with caring for her five grandchildren, ages 2-8. On December 16, Jackie’s birthday, STOMP the Monster™ volunteers Seth Grumet, his daughter Mariah, Dan Fishman, and Tom Vogel surprised the family. Santa arrived at their home on a fire truck, lights and sirens blaring, there was a birthday gift for Jackie, Christmas gifts for all the children, and even a Christmas tree. The volunteers also delivered trays of lasagna, chicken, and vegetables and contributed gas money via a gas card to make treatment days a bit less stressful.

STOMP the Monster™ volunteers are often astounded and inspired by the resiliency of the human spirit – most recently that of Debi. Debi’s husband passed away from cancer several years ago, leaving her and her son to run the family landscape business. Debi and her family returned to the fight against cancer when her son was diagnosed with Leukemia. Tragically, he passed away at the age of 19 after a four-year battle with the disease. Now Debi is the one fighting and STOMP The Monster™ is proud to join her in her battle against breast cancer by providing help – and making sure she has one less thing to worry about – in the form of food and gas cards.

One of the most frightening things about cancer is that it can strike anyone, anywhere, at anytime regardless of sex, age, or physical condition. A recent STOMP the Monster™ “stompee” is Jen, a young woman who should be worrying about career, family, and fun, but is worrying about her survival from breast cancer instead. STM not only believes in helping when it’s most needed, but also HOW it’s most needed. STOMP the Monster™ helped Jen purchase healthy food to allow her to focus on her healing.

Chances are, we all know at least one person who has been touched by cancer. Those from Somerset, NJ may know Craig, a husband and father of two young children, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in January 2011. STOMP the Monster™ was able to help Craig by contributing gift cards for groceries, gas, and household necessities that the family could use at their discretion.

At 2 years old, Wyatt from Branchburg, NJ claims the title of “youngest stompee”. Wyatt’s family had the day-to-day needs such as groceries, gas, etc. covered while Wyatt underwent treatment for stage 3 liver cancer. It was the larger and more long-term expenses, such as utilities, that they were worried about. STOMP the Monster™ was able to step in (or would that be stomp in?) to help with the utility bills, and even a gift card to Home Depot.

The fight against cancer is harrowing enough – from exhausting treatments, confusing expert opinions, multitudes of medications, all while trying to get well and juggle daily demands. What if just getting to that treatment appointment were impossible? Or the medications you needed beyond financial reach? That’s the situation that Alvester of Camden, NJ found himself in when diagnosed. STOMP the Monster™ worked with Alvester to arrange taxi travel to and from appointments and financial assistance for the medications he needed starting this May 2011.

How does STOMP the Monster™ decide who, when, and how to help? Anyone affected by cancer and in need of assistance is encouraged to contact STM. Usually a brief inquiry by a STM volunteer to determine the type of help needed is the first step. Sheila has already taken that first step and the STOMP the Monster™ volunteers can’t wait to help. Supporting Sheila by paying for a few months of her cancer medication is one way STOMP the Monster™ can make life a little easier for her.

Sometimes the only thing STM can do is help make the last days for a patient and their family as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Dawn was under hospice care when she first contacted STM, and has since passed away. STOMP The Monster™ volunteers are glad they were able to provide meals for Dawn and her family during such a difficult time so they could focus on being together.

As an LPN, Maryann is used to being the nurse, not the patient. She had worked two jobs most of her adult life and was devastated when deteriorating health forced her to quit nursing and go on disability. Maryanne’s largest concern was maintaining health insurance to so she could receive timely treatment for pancreatic cancer. STM will help ensure Maryann has continuous health coverage by supplying monthly Medigap payments while she undergoes treatment.

Even the smallest contributions have an enormous impact on those fighting cancer, their families, and caregivers. At 68, Anthony has the support of his ex-wife and daughter. He also lives in an assisted living facility which helps with his daily needs. The struggle? Transportation to and from critical radiation treatments on a daily basis. STM volunteers did not need to arrange rides since Anthony’s caregivers are more than happy to help – they just need some assistance with gas costs. STM was happy to make things easier by providing a gas card for Anthony to share with his drivers.

STM and The Barclay Farms Swim Club teamed up in June to help a Cherry Hill, NJ family that found itself in a tough spot when mom Tina, only 36 and a mother of three, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Tina, her husband, and their three children had just recently started the fight for Tina’s life – she is currently undergoing induction chemotherapy and hopes to be evaluated for a bone marrow transplant once in remission. Tina’s husband is very supportive, but with three children and Tina receiving only disability payments, their family has been experiencing financial hardship. Proceeds from the Swim Club fundraiser helped provide money, groceries, and gas cards.

STM’s mission is helping those affected by cancer when they need it most. For Sheron that is NOW. Receiving a Leukemia diagnosis at 22 can be devastating. It’s even harder if you are living on your own with no family for support. Luckily, Sheron found the STOMP The Monster™ family, who were able to start helping this July with two months of rent payments and getting the ball rolling to waive Sheron’s gas and electric bills.

Stomp The Monster was able to help Donna, a single mom to a 9 and 12 year old.  She had just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  In order to pay for needed treatment, she asked for assistance paying for her health insurance Stomp the Monster was able to pay for two months’ worth of health insurance for Donna.

A local resident and single mom to a college aged daughter, was diagnosed with Rectal Cancer.  She needed help getting caught up on her bills while traveling back and forth to NYC for treatment.  Stomp The Monster was able to pay her rent, gas and electric bills.  Volunteers for Stomp the Monster also personally delivered groceries to Joanne.

Stomp The Monster was contacted by Dylan’s mom.  He is a 10 year old diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma.  Both of Dylan’s parents are unemployed due to disability.  He is one of four children.  Their family automobile was recently repossessed.  This family desperately needed help as they were travelling back and forth to Philadelphia for treatment.  Stomp The Monster was able to pay their electric bill for two months as well as their phone, internet and cable bills.

Now 19, Marvin was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor at the age of 5.  He completed treatment and was cancer free until this year when he relapsed with a high grade sarcoma.  Marvin lives with his single mother and 2 siblings.  His mother had to take a leave of absence to be with Marvin through his treatment. Stomp The Monster was able to pay their rent for one month and provide Marvin with a month’s worth of Ensure for his nutritional needs.

A young married mother of two small children was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Her treatment included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  Monique needed help with child care so that she could get to treatment without having to worry about her two young children.  Stomp the Monster was able to pay for two months worth of daycare costs for Monique.

Janet, a single mother of two children was diagnosed with Gallbladder Cancer.  Due to the harsh side effects of her treatment she was not able to continue working.  She was finding it hard to continue to feed her children.  Stomp the Monster was able to provide grocery store gift cards to Janet so that she did not have to worry about food for her family for a while.

Barbara, a social worker at the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center, says about Stomp the Monster, “I absolutely love this organization. You have been so wonderful to our patient’s in need. The emotional lift alone you give these patients by caring about their financial burdens is some of the best medicine they can receive”.

Deb, a social worker at Robert Wood Johnson, Rutgers Cancer Cent of New Jersey, says about Stomp the Monster, ”  I just want to say thank you to you and your organization for all the help that you have given to my patients and the patients throughout NJ.  The money you have provided is a true lifeline for them and many would literally not survive without the help you have given.  Please tell everyone that donates to your organization and who helps that I appreciate everything. Please also tell them that every single one of my patients who benefit from your generosity is thankful.  My personal thanks go to you for all of the work that you do.  You make the process so smooth and as efficient as possible.  You ensure that patients get help as quickly as possible and that is so important.  I really appreciate all of your help.

Sherrell is a Secretary at a Cancer Center in New Jersey.  She is the first person that cancer patients see upon their arrival.  She always greets patients with a beautiful smile and a warm hug putting them at ease.  In June of 2014, Sherrell was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Being the primary caregiver for her 5 children, 6 grandchildren and disabled brother, she was committed to working through her treatment.  However, since her diagnosis she was not able to work any overtime.  Stomp the Monster was able to assist Sherrell with her electricity bill just as a shut off notice had been sent.  We also provided her with gift cards for groceries.  In November, Sherrell was deemed in remission.  Stomp the Monster sent her a “survivor” STM T-Shirt.  Sherrell’s message to STM, “Just wanted to say thank you so very much for the T-Shirt. I LOVED IT!   Actually, I think my son loved it even more!  He put the shirt on and started running around the house yelling “My Mother is Cancer Free”, GOD is So Very Good.  I have received my Christmas Gift for a Lifetime.  Thank you so very much for all of the financial support and the prayers- I know that prayer changes things.  Thank you and I will continue to pray for you and the organization – you guys were a tremendous HELP when I really needed it!

Diane, a social worker at Morristown Medical Center, says about Stomp the Monster, “While your statistics are certainly impressive, I’m not sure they do justice to the life-changing ways Stomp the Monster assists our patients.  You provide hope when there is often little apparent, you provide a lifeline to needed services/supports, and, maybe most importantly, help patients to know they are not alone and that someone (or several someones!) cares about them and that they matter.  Congratulations on another important year – I look forward to working with you on behalf of my patients in 2015.