Individuals can make great impacts, and teams can make even greater ones.  This was exhibited in its fullest aspect this past weekend.  From the selfless athletes raising money for an amazing cause, to the hours from volunteers preparing for months and during the event, to Andi for making sure every athlete came “home”, newsletters, and all those training rides and runs, to Tracey for keeping the entire event flowing and being our incredible infrastructure, to Coach Stella keeping everyone motivated with her “wisdom”, motivation and training info, and to all those behind the scenes making this one of the greatest experiences for all.  265,000.00 (and counting) – broken down this will help over 500 families who are Stomping their Monster…. Over 500 Families

I was able to congratulate every STM member as they crossed the finish line and this was a big honor.  Completing a 70.3 is hard enough; completing a 70.3 while helping others is stunning-  My hat is off to all of you.  I can promise one thing, when STM does an event, we try to do it first class- so watch out for Ironman Princeton 2015 because Stomp the Monster will be making it bigger and better…..and helping even more families STOMPing THEir MONSTER !!!!

I also officially welcome each and every one of you to the Stomp The Monster Family and challenge you to stay involved with us helping as many families affected by cancer as we can.

I would like to thank each one of you for helping to make this event such a tremendous success!

May you all recover well- Stay Healthy!


To view/order the many photos taken this weekend visit:

Please enjoy this link to a highlight video for the inspiring athletes, tireless volunteers & amazing memories… keep STOMPin’. Special thanks to Greg, Ed, Donna, Chrissy & all the photographers that captured the day.